Testing locally


npm install --save-dev cybernaut

Note: If the default configuration is used, a current version of Chrome must be installed. Cybernaut is tested with Chrome and Firefox and provides the latest drivers for these two.

Getting started

Cybernaut must be started from the command line:

"$(npm bin)"/cybernaut

Directories are recursed, with all **/*.e2e.js files being treated as test files.

Cybernaut produces output in TAP format, tap-mocha-reporter can be used to format it:

npm install --save-dev tap-mocha-reporter
"$(npm bin)"/cybernaut | "$(npm bin)"/tap-mocha-reporter spec

Note: Cybernaut must be installed relative to the test files according to the module resolution algorithm.


To enable debug output, you can set the DEBUG='cybernaut:*' environment variable:

DEBUG='cybernaut:*' "$(npm bin)"/cybernaut

If the following error occurs:


then it is very likely that an outdated version of chromedriver is globally installed. These version of chromedriver takes precedence over the version installed by Cybernaut.

On a Mac with Homebrew installed, try the following command:

brew uninstall chromedriver

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